Care and Support for the Persons Living with HIV

Island Trust has been extending care and support services to People Living with HIV / AIDS since 2004. Island Trust was prompted to take up the C & S services because of its direct experience with PLHIV in its working villages. The condition of PLHIV was very pathetic because of large scale stigma and discrimination meted out on the PLHIV by the communities. Island Trust adopted the following strategies to address stigma and discrimination issue and render proper care and support services to the PLHIV:


  1. Awareness Generation (spreading of scientific information) among the public / village communities about HIV / AIDS.
  2. Sensitization on the Plight of HIV / AIDS among the community leaders, religious leaders and opinion makers at the village level.
  3. Organizing seminars for the Community Based Organizations and Civil Society Organizations
  4. Formation of community level support groups for the welfare of PLHIV
  5. Orientation training to the Health Care Providers ( Physicians, Traditional Healers, ANMs and Lab Technicians) against discrimination
  6. Organizing convention of the People Living with HIV / AIDS
  7. Campaign and Advocacy with Legislative, Judicial and Bureaucracy to ensure the rights of the PLHIV.
  8. Providing Care and support (medical, psychological, nutritional, social and educational support) services to the Infected / Affected persons.

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