Climate Change Education and Reduction

Island Trust has been seriously engaged in protecting the Environment of the Nilgiris since 1990s. Our volunteer watch dog committees in the name of Nature’s Eyelids have done yeomen service in protecting the environmental sanctity of the Nilgiris Biosphere. (Please refer our service on Environment).

As one step further, Island Trust has plunged into educating the public and our focus group communities especially the tribal communities about the Climate Change Impacts and facilitating their involvement in reducing it.

Our activities in Climate Change Project include:

  1. Climate change education in villages and schools
  2. Study of People’s experience on Climate Change
  3. Video documentation of Climate Change effects
  4. Seminars / workshops for CBOs and Consumer Organizations
  5. Campaign with Local Bodies – Panchayats and Municipalities
  6. Rallies and Public Meetings for awareness generation on Climate Change
  7. Planting of 25000 Saplings in tribal and community lands in 2009 - 2010
  8. Facilitation of life style changes among the community members
  9. Promotion of Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture
  10. Exhibitions on Climate Change effects in the Nilgiris District at important Government Functions and gatherings
  11. Filing of legal cases against grabbing of natural resources
  12. Organizing observation of Climate Change Action Day at the district Level
  13. Strengthening of Nature’s Eyelids Environmental Protection Group with open membership to CBOs and environmental activists.

Island Trust has won appreciation from the district administration for its efforts on promoting awareness on Climate Change in the district. Island Trust receives funding support from TAMWED, a UK based NGO for Climate Change activities since 2009.


  1. Nursery Raising and Tree planting 5000 per year
  2. 10,000 seed balls throw every year
  3. Promotion of Organic Farming among tribal farmers and expanding the coverage 50 acres every year
  4. Public Awareness through Exhibitions and Cultural Fete during Summer Festival in Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri
  5. Video documentation on the impacts of Climate Change among poor communities in Nilgiris
  6. Participation in State / National / International level and UNFCCC conferences on Climate Change Reduction
  7. Strengthening the community Based Organization “Nature’s Eyelids” Environmental Protection Group

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