Community Care Centre for PLHIV

A short stay home for the PLHIV is being run by Island trust in Ooty, the district head quarters with the support of Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society

The objective of the CCC is to provide medical, counseling and nutritional care to the PLHIV who are in need or referred by the Government ART Centers (Anti Retro Viral Therapy Centres). The PLHIV at the CCC are attended to by one full time Allopathic Doctor, three staff nurses, one counselor, four outreach workers and two helpers. The project coordinator and the accountant are taking care of the administrative matters and the social rehabilitation of the PLHIV. As at the end of August 2010, 274 PLHIV have received Care and Support from the centre. Nearly 70% of them are Women HIV positives / Widows. 16 children are also on our care and support.

Island Trust provides not only institution based care but also community based care with its own resources. Every PLHIV is followed up after their discharge from the CCC and assisted with their social care which ensures enjoyment of their fundamental rights, right to Life and Dignity and getting welfare services from the Government system.

The quality services provided to PLHIV at the centre and outside has fetched a good name for the Centre and it has been graded as one of the best 9 centres in Tamil Nadu.