1. Assure basic education to all children in our focus villages
  2. Assist the poor families who are unable to afford for the education of their children
  3. Help the rural children to cope up with their studies through evening schools
  4. Motivate and award scholarship to the Tribal and Dalit youth to pursue higher education
  5. Activate the Parent-Teacher Association to ensure proper functioning of schools and quality education to children.


  1. Education Campaign
  2. Education Assistance
  3. Supplementary Schools
  4. Vocational & Career Guidance
  5. Awareness on Right to Education Act and its provisions


  1. High enrolment in schools in 25 schools
  2. Around 600 Children receive educational assistance
  3. 433 Youth have completed higher studies with our scholarship
  4. 3000 young men and women have made right choice in education and employment
  5. Drop out is reduced to less than 20% in tribal and dalit areas.
  6. First generation children from Tribal families are in school in several tribal villages.
  7. Healthy habits are practiced by the tribal and dalit children.

We undertake the following under Education:

  1. Education Schlorship

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