1. To improve conservation of the natural environment and biological diversity of the project area by assisting the women and eco-club members to develop, use and manage their resources in an ecologically sound, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.


  1. Eco-club formation in Schools and in Communities (where schools do not exist).
  2. Facilitation of Community Based organizations.
  3. Orientation training to the stakeholders on forest management and eco-conservation.
  4. Interaction progammes between CBOs and forest officials on preservation / promotion of forest and collection Non timber Forest Produces.
  5. Planning & implementation of water shed programmes in the intervention area.
  6. Promotion of Sustainable agriculture / alternative farming.
  7. Tree planting and protection
  8. Study about the status of environment and sustainability level of the target communities before and after intervention.
  9. Campaign and Lobby for protection of forests by the Village Communities / CBOs \


  1. Planting of 30,000 saplings in villages under personal care of individual families
  2. Promotion of Environment Watch Dog Committees comprising of students and youth in the name of Nature's Eyelids.
  3. Motivation to more than one lakh tourists on the ways to protect environment in Nilgiris and promote Alternate Tourism
  4. Won District Level Awards for Best Environment Exhibition held during Flower Show Festival at Ooty
  5. Stopped Bauxite Mining in Nilgiris District through Campaign and AdvocacyW
  6. Conducted Surveys and researches on the Degradation of the Environmental condition in Nilgiris district.

We undertake the following under Environmental initiatives:

  1. Climate Change Education and Reduction

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