HIV AIDS Awareness and Intervention


  1. Prevention of HIV/AIDS through education, medical camps, counseling and referral services
  2. Promote Holistic health among the target communities
  3. Prevent Infant and maternal mortality through safe health practices
  4. Prevent disability due to lack of immunization
  5. Ensure hygienic surroundings in villages
  6. Elimination of denial, stigma and discrimination of PLWHAs and creation of supportive community structures
  7. Ensure nutritious and chemical-free vegetables and herbs at home and in the farm.


  1. Preventive Health Education
  2. Formation of Health Clubs
  3. Health Awareness through children (Child to Child Approach)
  4. HIV / AIDS – Preventive Education & elimination of denial, Stigma & Discrimination
  5. Income Generation Activity for PLWHAs
  6. Promotion of Herbal garden and Indigenous system of Medicine.


  1. Serving as the District Health Resource centre for a state level health network organization called ‘Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association’, Chennai.
  2. Appointed as the District Facilitation Centre for HIV/AIDS and Indian System of Medicine Projects in Nilgiris District.
  3. Facilitated a district level network for the People Living With HIV/AIDS
  4. Hygienic health practices introduced at the individual and community level
  5. All Children and Pre and post natal mothers are immunized.
  6. Kitchen garden is maintained in majority of the houses.
  7. Village Health Clubs organize health camps and trainings.
  8. Education on HIV / AIDS is given in all villages among all sections of people.
  9. Campaign and advocacy initiated for prevention of stigma & Discrimination
  10. 84 People living with HIV / AIDS receive solidarity, care & support and counseling services
  11. Native Medicare is practiced by the families.