A House is not only a physical structure to protect the inhabitants from sun, rain and dangerous animals but it is a symbol of Dignity and Assertion of one’s Rights.


  1. Build houses in partnership with the Donor agencies (fund), the people (land) and the NGO (technology).
  2. Liberate the displaced people from semi-bonded condition (low wages, extra hours of work, compulsion to do domestic works, no freedom to work anywhere because of provision of shelter by the employers)
  3. Restore the Dignity of women from sexual exploitation
  4. Motivate the people to demand housing as their right from the government and other financial institutions.


  1. Establishment of Communities (Settlements)
  2. Provision of House site
  3. Construction of Houses
  4. Repairing of Houses


  1. 60 villages (community living) have been established.
  2. Constructed 2200 houses in Nilgiris District
  3. Distributed 40 Acres of land as House site to the poorest of the poor.
  4. Won the National Award for the Best Rural Housing in 1997.
  5. Inculcated the habit of using latrines by the target communities for the first time.
  6. Smokeless chulhas installed in all houses.
  7. The middle class people among the repatriates have been guided to avail loans to build houses.