Link Workers Scheme

This scheme is an effort to build a community- centred model for rural areas to address HIV prevention, Care and support and treatment requirements in the district.

The specific objective of the scheme is to reach out to High Risk Groups (HRG) and vulnerable Men and women in rural areas with information, knowledge, skills on STI / HIV prevention and risk reduction.

The project which is implemented with the support of AIDS Prevention and Control Project (APAC) of Voluntary Health Services is taking up efforts to prevent HIV / AIDS in 120 highly vulnerable villages in the district. The project assists HRG people living with STI and refers them to Government Health Departments to get adequate treatment to prevent HIV infection.

As an extraordinary measure, Island Trust organizes HIV / AIDS awareness camps during the annual flower, fruit and vegetable shows in the festival grounds. Thousands of youngsters and others visit the stalls and get scientific information on HIV / AIDS and expert counseling.