Tribal Projects

Adhivasi Development Initiatives & Tribal Association for fifth Schedule Campaign


  1. Ensure Self ruled tribal communities with the Constitutional status of 5th Schedule
  2. Alleviate poverty among the tribal communities
  3. Improve Education, health and basic amenities
  4. Revive their culture and tradition


  1. Community organization
  2. Education promotion
  3. Capacity Building of Tribal leaders
  4. Campaign for the Constitutional Right of 5th schedule (Self Rule)
  5. Legal Aid for land Rights
  6. Preservation of Culture and Heritage
  7. Documentation of their traditional knowledge systems
  8. Kitchen Garden Promotion
  9. Man – Animal Conflict Protection measures
  10. Economic Development Programmes – Value addition of Minor Forest Produces


  1. Tribal communities are getting organized under one umbrella in the name of ‘ Nilgiris Adivasi Movement’ (NILAM – which means in the local vernacular LAND)
  2. 750 acres of land traditionally enjoyed but lost to various people recovered in the past 2 years
  3. Tribal leaders are better equipped with the knowledge and skills to function as effective leaders and demand their fundamental rights
  4. GRAMA SABHAS (village level governing body) are conducted by the leaders on their own
  5. All tribal children are enrolled in schools and motivated to complete at least the high school education offered freely by the government
  6. Evening schools have made the tribal children stand on par with the privileged children
  7. Hundreds of acres of lost tribal lands have been redeemed from the encroachers
  8. Village Functions have revived the traditional art and cultural forms and motivated the youth to learn them
  9. Tribal youth have taken active participation in the developmental activities of the villages
  10. 26 tribal villages have documented the history and the socio-cultural practices of their communities

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