Women Empowerment


  1. Raise the socio, economic, cultural and political status of the women
  2. Promote women leadership in all possible social structures
  3. Establish equitable place for women in society


  1. Formation of SHGs
  2. Entrepreneurship Development Training
  3. Leadership training for women particularly for the Elected women representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions (local bodies)
  4. Economic development for widows and destitute
  5. Campaign and advocacy for women rights


  1. Facilitated 500 women Self Help Groups (SHG)
  2. 6000 women are organized into one Federation called ‘Ezhuchi’ (means in the vernacular REFORM)
  3. Nearly 2000 women have been trained in micro enterprises
  4. 584 women are self employed in micro enterprises
  5. The income, health and social status have improved for rural women
  6. 154 women have occupied official positions in the local governance (panchayti raj institution)
  7. 132 elected women have been imparted Leadership skill development training
  8. Panchayat Grama Sabhas ( general body of the panchayats) are functioning effectively with large number of women’s participation.
  9. A group of widows and destitute women are getting income from lease tea garden

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